UFO in Los Angeles: Conspiracy Theories

UFO in Los Angeles: Conspiracy Theories

Last Saturday, in Los Angeles CA, possibly the biggest meme was created when a mysterious “UFO” was spotted flying over the city. When residents saw the light, many panicked, taking photos, videos, and even some calling the local police.

One lucky You Tuber, Julien Solomita, recorded the occurrence and uploaded it on his account immediately. In the video you can hear Solomita saying, “Wait what the f*** is that? What is this?” His hundreds of thousands of followers freaked, but hilariously.

One account commented, “it was Harry Potters aunt getting launched into space,” while another commented, “My friends me told-this Santa Claus-Ha-ha-ha!” Clearly, many aren’t worried about this and are even cracking jokes at Solomita’s expense.

According to the Navy Strategic Systems Programs, it had launched a Trident II (D5) missile test from Kentucky. Commander Ryan Perry, who is with the Navy’s Third Fleet, promises that launches such as these are conducted on a frequent basis and was not armed. He also explains that the Strategic Systems Programs does not routinely announce missile testing. However, this raises the question of the possibility of a hoax.

Was this really a testing missile, or are aliens invading? Is the government keeping the real truth from us? Is this the end of the world? Is the US in a nuclear war with Russia? Many more questions (some a bit more sarcastic) have also been raised. Is this Zayn leaving the world, just like he left One Direction? Are aliens invading us with a dance party? Was the photo of the deer carcass really and alien? (See below)

No matter what the real answer is, users of social medias including Twitter and IFunny are creating hilarious memes to explain this mysterious event. All over twitter you can find a short 15-second clip of the light, which then turns into an “alien” dancing around in a room made of tin foil. One jokester account, @TheHuzlers, tweeted out, “NASA confirms UFO flying above California is indeed an alien named “Lil Mayo.”

Obviously, these tweets are joking and poking fun of the UFO community, but is there any specific proof that this wasn’t a UFO? Is there any chance that our green-skinned friends are out there?