PFA Projects

PFA Projects

Over the course of the last year, the PFA has been generous enough to donate an immense amount of gifts to Pascack Hills High School. The gifts have ranged from Multi-Station Cable Machines to various items that help to improve the art and photography classes. Faculty members around the school request the projects and, if the PFA believes that the projects will help a large variety of students, they will donate money to help put these ideas into action.

Ardis Waldron, a member of the PFA, when asked how it is determined how much money is donated to these clubs, states, “they request a particular amount [and] we see how many requests we get and how much is available. We see if we can pay the full amount or partial because we get our funds from the fashion show and membership. Membership has unfortunately been going down so we get less money. We can only gift money we have.”

The money that is used for clubs is determined by how much money is raised by the fundraisers that are organized each year. The two fundraisers that raise the most money are membership and the fashion show. If the PFA believes that a club will help a broad variety of students and faculty, flexibility is permitted. This year, nearly $8,000 was raised by fundraisers and was donated by the PFA to help make project ideas a reality.

When asked how many requests there are each year, Waldron replied, “I don’t know how many the principal gets, but this past year we probably received one or two that fell within our guidelines.”

This year, the most money was spent on a Multi-Station Cable Machine. The PFA, after reviewing the project requests, recognized that this project would benefit many members of the student body and the faculty who exhibit interests in exercise.

Nearly $900 was donated to help with the creation of the online newspaper. With the help of this money from the PFA, the online newspaper has succeeded in making access to the newspaper more convenient and in attracting more readers.

Overall, the money donated by the PFA over the past year has greatly helped to improve PHHS by allowing for beneficial improvements of various clubs and classes.