Best Prom Advice, I Prom-ise

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Editor’s Note: Check below for Trailblazer’s “Promposal” Pinterest board for ideas!

‘Tis the season! Prom season that is. Prom is approaching and girls are searching the stores for the perfect dress and Hills’ hallways for the perfect date. So for everyone out there racking his or her brains for the right way to ask someone to prom, here are a few tips:

  1.    Be hasty! If you’ve got someone in mind, act on it. Don’t put off asking her (or him) because somebody might beat you to it. You never know who else might be interested in your prom date!
  2.    Appeal to your audience. If you’re planning on asking someone who’s on the shy side, stray away from extravagant promposals. For someone who isn’t comfortable being the center of attention, try going for a flower and a simple, “Would you please go to prom with me?” as opposed to walking into the cafeteria with a giant neon sign with his/her name all over it. If your future date is shy but you still want to do something unexpected and exciting, try doing it in private; decorate her or her bedroom with flowers and balloons, or put candy on the bed. On the other hand, if you’re asking someone who would love for you to go all out, do it! Put yourself out there and think of something he or she won’t be able to say “no” to! Focus on things he or she  likes! For example, if you know her favorite Starbucks drink, get it for her and give it to her with “Prom?” written on the cup. If he’s on the football team, write your request on a football!
  3.    Don’t be discouraged. If you build up the courage to ask someone and get turned down, it’s not the end of the world. Keep your head up and ask someone else you think you could have a fun time with!
  4.     Don’t be afraid to go alone! Girls and guys both. There’s no shame in going with a group of friends. Get dressed up and have a wonderful night with your pals. It might be even more fun than being stuck with your date the whole night anyway.
  5.    Girls can ask guys!!! Traditionally guys ask girls but, so what? It’s cool to ask a guy to take you and you might end up asking someone who would love to go with you, but didn’t have the nerve to ask!

Remember to have fun and be responsible. Also keep in mind that it’s just prom, not your wedding, so try and avoid the stress and focus on the fun!


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