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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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A Salute to Mr. Salgado

Photo from Mr. Salgado

By Sara Donofrio

Mr. Salgado is a well-known special education math and physics teacher here at Pascack Hills whose passion is teaching, even though it didn’t necessarily start out that way.

Teaching was something he had found along the way instead of committing to it early on, but he had always wanted to do something relating to social work. He had always known that he “wanted to be in some form of service to help people.” He was not even considering becoming a math teacher of any sort; he simply wanted to focus on special education.

His parents, particularly his father, influenced his decision somewhat later on. “He’s the one who suggested that I become a Military Police officer for the army and tried to push me towards doing that after I got out of the army. It was a difficult transition to go from MP to math teacher.”

Additionally, Mr. Salgado’s transition from the Bronx to Pascack Hills was a difficult decision. He spoke about how each school had a different type of “need” for education. In the Bronx, he discussed how they needed more guidance, whereas at Pascack Hills, we need to learn that failing is okay, as long as we tried. When Mr. Salgado came to Hills, he “realized it’s a different type of necessity, a different type of need. There, it’s an everyday need. Here students need—I wouldn’t even say academic help—they just need to know that it’s okay to try and fail.”

When he was young, Mr. Salgado moved from the Bronx to Rockland County, and he stated that it was “the best decision his father ever made.” As a result of this move, Mr. Salgado’s entire family had more of a chance to succeed.

Mr. Salgado said something that truly resonated when he stated, “Students need to know it’s worth the effort and that [their education is] valuable.” He wants Pascack Hills students to realize that we need to learn how to stop giving up and to be courageous, even when faced with failure.

Mr. Salgado has always been a selfless man and a great teacher. Even as I was interviewing him, he was helping a student who had come for extra help; he always makes time for his students. A great teacher and winner of Mr. Pascack Hills his first year working at Hills, Mr. Salgado is a truly passionate about his career.

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