Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary


Photo from The Odyssey

On February 1st, the Iowa Caucuses kicked off the nomination process for presidential candidates in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz won the most votes at 27.6% of the total votes. Donald Trump received 24.3% of the votes – the second most of the republicans, and Marco Rubio came in third with 23.1% of the votes. On the Democratic side, it was a near tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. After thorough checking, it was found that Hillary Clinton obtained 49.9% of the votes, while Bernie Sanders trailed close behind with 49.6% of the votes.

The New Hampshire Primary was held on February 9th.  Donald Trump came in first place with 35.3% of the votes, John Kasich came in second place with 15.8%, and Ted Cruz came in third with 11.7%. Jeb Bush was a close fourth with 11% of the votes. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders obtained 60.4% of the votes, which was well over Hillary Clinton’s 38%.

Since the New Hampshire Primary, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie have suspended their campaigns. On February 20th, the next Republican primary will take place in South Carolina and a Democratic Caucus will be held in Nevada.