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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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A Backstage Pass to Legally Blonde


For the past 2 1/2 months, the cast of Legally Blonde has been working hard to put on the best show of Pascack Hills’ history.

Rehearsals are the main event for the actors and crew in this show. Everyone spends most of the time in rehearsal so that they can put on the show like it’s nothing. Of course, it is not “nothing.”

At the start, rehearsals were every weekday, going from 6:30-9:30, and Saturdays from 11-2. Rehearsals include dancing, singing, acting, and mapping out the scenes. At the start of each rehearsal, director Pete Fournier, would make everyone run around the school or the auditorium to build up endurance.

Andy Winston worked with people on singing and music. Everyone would gather around the piano to learn the different notes and harmonies, sometimes learning one song for hours. After each week of singing, it became easier for everyone.

The strongest song in the show is “So Much Better,” which is at the end of Act I. Grace Johnson, playing Elle Woods, has worked hard to belt out the last note without running out of breath or cracking (it’s so impressive – you have to hear it!).

The next component of rehearsals is dancing. Pete Fournier is the choreographer as well as the director. The dances are mostly modern, fun dances, even featuring an Irish-step dance.

Within the time of these rehearsals, the set was built. The main set piece for Legally Blonde includes a giant staircase leading up to a ledge with a railing. On this ledge is a door (painted pink, of course!). On the bottom of the staircase is a set of double doors (that also lights up pink, of course!). The other set pieces include Elle’s bedroom (all pink with a poster for decorative purposes), Paulette’s salon, and even a shower.

After the set and rehearsals started coming together, the dogs came. Toby is Leighanne Virosco’s white, fluffy dog. He will be playing Rufus, Paulette’s dog. The other dog in the show is a small Chihuahua named Roxy. She is playing Elle’s dog, Bruiser. This dog was one of the dogs that played the real Bruiser on Broadway, so she is a real diva (she even needs her own dressing room!). Grace Liriano, who plays Margot, and Grace Johnson, Elle Woods, had to work separately with her dog and her trainer to get the dog ready to be a star.

The show finally started coming together at Hell Week. Hell Week, for those of you who haven’t heard the term, is the week before the show. It is where the rehearsals get longer and harder and there are more components to the show. You have to be at rehearsal at 6, and be ready by 6:35 for starting time. The practice could end at 10 or even 11. Not only do the actors continue with dancing, singing, and acting full out, but also things like lights, microphones, makeup, and music are added. Grace Johnson even dyed her hair blonde for her part as Elle Woods.

If you see a cast or crew of Legally Blonde in the hallway looking tired, it’s because they are. Everyone has been working as hard as they possibly can to put this show together, and it is going to be the best one that Pascack Hills has ever seen.


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  • Sherry ViroscoMar 7, 2016 at 8:20 AM

    Marley, this is such a great article…you guys were amazing…CONGRATS to EVERYONE that made this show such a huge success!!