Pi-oneers publish children’s book: Lily the Learner


Illustration Courtesy of Kayla Vincent

The following is a press release written by Pascack Pioneers.

The Pascack Pi-oneers FIRST Robotics Team 1676 have published their children’s book, Lily the Learner, on Kindle, Amazon and the Google Play Store. Lily the Learner was conceived and written in 2013 by team members Jenna Malley and Sami Livingstone, and originally illustrated by Sam Pincus and updated by Nicholas Metz.

Lily the Learner is about a young girl in elementary school who learns about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) careers at her school’s Career Day. The book will be published as a trilogy later this year, and will include Lily’s Helping Hand and Lily the Pi-oneer. The books follow Lily as she goes to middle school where she learns about volunteering, and in high school where she joins a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology) Robotics team and learns about engineering.

Lily the Learner has been translated into 9 languages which will all be available for purchase. Lily the Learner in Chinese, Greek and Russian, are all available on Kindle. The Lily the Learner Trilogy will also be published as an ESL (English as a Second Language) resource, with the first version being in English/Spanish.

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Vincent
Photo Courtesy of Kayla Vincent

Lily the Learner is available on Kindle for $3.14, hard copy on Amazon for $9.76 and the Google Play Store for $6.76.

The Pascack Pi-oneers are from the Pascack Valley Regional High School District and attend Pascack Valley High School and Pascack Hills High School. This is the 12th year they have participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST is a worldwide organization founded by Dean Kamen that promotes STEAM among the younger generation to build the world’s next thinkers, doers and achievers.

Available on:

Amazon Hard Copy

Lily the Learner – English


Lily the Learner – English

Lily the Learner – Russian

Lily the Learner – Chinese

Lily the Learner – Greek

Lily’s Helping Hand – English

Google Play Store

Lily the Learner – English


To learn more about the Pascack Pi-oneers and for contact information visit team1676.com.

To learn more about FIRST Robotics visit firstinspires.org.