Hills graduate acts on ‘Just Pups’ animals’ cry for help


“Just Pups’ storefront in Paramus Photo from NJ.com

After years of cruel treatment and selling sick animals, Vincent LoSacco’s Just Pups store in Paramus has finally been shut down. LoSacco also has Just Pups locations in Emerson and East Brunswick.

Although Just Pups has dealt with thousands of complaints throughout their years of business, a recent online petition piled 185,276 signatures to spread awareness and rescind Vincent LoSacco’s business license. The creator of this petition is none other than former Hills’ graduate Nicole Miller.

“I saw an article about a woman who put a down payment on a puppy in the East Brunswick location and the employees failed to give him proper medical treatment and the puppy died before the lady was able to purchase him,” she said. “After reading that story, I found a report about dead dogs found in the freezer at Just Pups and that put me over the top. Especially since I got my puppy from Just Pups in Emerson, I was disgusted by the horrific treatment and I wanted it to end before more dogs were harmed.”

Last Monday, April 4, Paramus authorities found 67 dogs crammed into small metal crates inside a van parked behind Just Pups around three a.m. that morning. This van was registered to LoSacco, who claims the van was a “customized transport van that is isolated and temperature controlled.” In addition to this, LoSacco defends his actions stating, “It is not immoral to leave them in the van, as long as they have air conditioning or heat – depending on the season – and food and water.”

Unmentioned by LoSacco was the strong scent of urine and piercing yelps coming from the van as witnessed by the Paramus Police Department. In addition to this, LoSacco’s claims of humane treatment and proper necessities given to the dogs were proven unsatisfactory, as the temperature inside the van was 38 degrees Fahrenheit and many of the crates did not have food or water available to the animals.

Paramus police also mentioned that the crates in the van, which were made to hold one to two puppies, housed four to six puppies each. With this, many puppies were covered in feces and starving. These puppies were then taken to Oradell Animal Hospital, where 15 out of the 67 animals required medical treatment. Paramus Dispatch claims this is the most significant pet store incident they have ever dealt with.

As of right now, Tyco Animal Control Shelter is housing the more than 60 puppies found in Just Pups’ van and is seeking donations to help care for the animals. If interested, donations can be dropped off at the Paramus health department in borough hall. In addition, you may drop off any items such as paper towels, bleach, laundry detergent, and Lysol spray.