Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Why seniors should attend the Powderpuff game
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Editor’s Note: The following is an opinion piece.


The class of 2016 has had a long run of Hills Pride. We have attended eight pep rallies and cheered on fall and winter sports until we lost our voices. We have competed in, lost, and even won tug-of-war, boys volleyball, relay races, and a pie-eating contest. We thought we would be done with pep rallies at the end of the year. This year—for the first time ever—we have powderpuff.

Senior SGA members have thrown around the idea for a powderpuff (girls) football competition all year. Senior Rosey Lambert has been working on getting this to happen for a while, so thank her after you buy a ticket. All the hard work has paid off for this competition.

Powderpuff is the best idea we have had this year and it is something like this that is so important for the seniors. Throughout our career, we have attended every game and every pep rally, but that’s all behind us now. This gives us one last hoorah to dress up as a Cowboy Crazy.

Unfortunately, the school year is coming to an end and this is one of the last chances to sport orange and brown T-shirts in the bleachers.

Senior Grace Johnson can’t wait to watch the powderpuff match. “I’m excited to watch it because it’s the first powderpuff ever, and a great way to end the year!”

Not only is it a great way to end the year for the crowd, but also the players are having a great time, even after only one practice. There is a fun dynamic happening with the girls playing football and the boys coaching.

Senior Jenna Tocatlian is playing in the game. “It helps that we have a great team environment. The first day, there was immediate chemistry–“

“–And we bonded like a family,” chimed Senior Nick Garcia, one of the coaches for the team. Although all the seniors are going separate ways next year, this is one last chance to bond and have fun with each other.

Check out the game on May 5 at 7p.m. for $5, and you can even buy a shirt for $20.

Make sure to be there because as Grace Johnson says, “It is our last big senior event together, so we have to cheer really loud and beat the juniors!”


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