Welcome to Bieber’s Purpose World Tour


Bieber performing on stage| Photo by Perri Cochin

On May 45, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber performed at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York while on his Purpose World Tour. Many PHHS students attended these two concerts.

The Purpose World Tour started on March 9 in Seattle, and will end on November 29 in London. This world tour is Bieber’s third worldwide tour. On this tour, Bieber will perform at 64 shows. Bieber announced the tour on November 1, 2015 on The Ellen Degeneres Show, which immediately spread the word.

The concert began with Bieber inside of a red cube, while he was singing “Mark My Words.” Once Bieber arrived on stage after exiting the cube, he sang “Where Are Ü Now”. His dancers performed acrobatic tricks as Bieber sang and danced.

Bieber sang “I’ll Show You”,trapped in a steel cage that was spun around. When Bieber sang “Love Yourself”, he sat on the center of the stage, seated on a red velvet couch while playing his acoustic guitar.

When Bieber sang, “Company”, he impressed the crowd with his jumps and backflips on a trampoline above the entire floor section.

To end the concert, Bieber sang “Sorry”, as the entire crowd was amazed when artificial rain covered the stage.

Bieber also performed many other songs. On Bieber’s tour, he will not be singing the same songs at every single one of his concerts. In Brooklyn, Bieber sang the songs below:

  1. “Mark My Words”
  2. “Where Are Ü Now”
  3. “I’ll Show You”
  4. “The Feeling”
  5. “Get Used To It”
  6. “Love Yourself”
  7. “Home to Mama”
  8. “Boyfriend”
  9. “Been You”
  10. “Company”
  11. “No Sense”
  12. “Hold Tight”
  13. “No Pressure”
  14. “As Long As You Love Me”
  15. “Children”
  16. “Life is Worth Living”
  17. “What Do You Mean?”
  18. “Baby”
  19. “Purpose”
  20. “Sorry”

Post Malone and Moxie Raia opened both of Bieber’s shows at Barclays. Post Malone is well-known for his very popular song, “White Iverson”, and Moxie Raia is known for being featured in Steve Aoki’s “I Love it When You Cry”. Both Post Malone and Moxie Raia got the crowd excited and ready for Bieber’s incredible performance.

For those at PHHS who missed the nearby concerts in Brooklyn, Bieber will be performing in Newark and New York City this summer. Bieber will be performing at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on July 9. On July 18 and July 19, Bieber will perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City.