Hills’ Physics Students Teach Elementary School Kids


Elementary school children watch a Physics Exploratorium presentation on sound waves |Photo by Tim Wieland

On Thursday, May 26, the physics students of Pascack Hills High School participated in a Physics Exploratorium presenting basic physics concepts to elementary school children. Groups from Mrs. Elise Burns, Mr. Brendan Field, Dr. David Frangiosa, and Mr. James Soltmann’s physics classes creates tri-folds and interactive activities spanning different topics including Newton’s Second Law, sound waves, and gravity.

At 3:30 p.m., kids from the area flooded the cafeteria to learn about physics. Different booths featured different activities such as a hovercraft, popping balloons using a laser, and creating different sounds with straws of different lengths.

The high school students used their class time to prepare four different activities in addition to a trifold explaining the physics behind the activities.

“The Physics Exploratorium was a good opportunity for the high school students to reflect upon what they learned,” said Dylan Barron, an AP Physics I student in Mr. Field’s class, “but it was also a good opportunity for the elementary school kids to start their physics education.”

The Physics Exploratorium occurred on the same day that the PHHS boys’ baseball team advanced to sectional finals. Even though physics students were permitted to attend the baseball game, they all made it back to cafeteria in time to present their projects to the children.