Bloodmobile visiting Pascack Hills for Biannual Student Blood Donation


Photo Courtesy of Emma Lustigman

Kyle Hammalian, Current Events Editor

There will be a blood drive held at Pascack Hills High School on Thursday, November 17. Beginning at 8 a.m.; students ages 16 or older have the option to donate blood. Sixteen-or seventeen-year-olds must have their parents or guardians sign a form that can either be found in Nurse Rose Welyczko’s most recent school-wide email or her office. Eighteen-year-olds do not need parental consent. Any interested students must visit the Nurse prior to November 17 in order to schedule a time for donation. An ID will be required.

The Bloodmobile has made its stop at Pascack Hills biannually, and it is an easy way for Hills students to donate blood and possibly help save a life.

Junior Sabreena Moose said, “I think donating blood is an easy and good way to give back to your community, especially since it really can help save lives.”

Junior Michael Port highlighted the importance of donating blood, explaining, “The blood you donate can literally help give someone another chance at life. One day someone’s blood may help someone you know, and you’d be very grateful for their donation.”

For more information, including the parental consent form and the use of blood, see the the Nurse’s email.