Relay for Life 2017 Preview

Photo of the TAC team at Relay 2016. Photo by  @HillsTAC on Twitter.

Photo of the TAC team at Relay 2016. Photo by @HillsTAC on Twitter.

On May 20, Relay for Life of the Pascack Valley will begin at 4 p.m. at Pascack Valley High School. At this event, both students and community members volunteer and give their time and effort to make a world with more birthdays, and take action against cancer.

From Pascack Hills, the Teens Against Cancer (TAC) team will be attending the event. Throughout the school year, TAC organizes a variety of activities throughout the Pascack Valley Regional District that donate to many different types of cancer, and prepare the team for relay.

Also, each member on the TAC team from Pascack Hills donates money for the Relay event because there is no amount of money too small towards cancer research. Everyone can make a difference in order to help the American Cancer Society save lives.

The TAC team is preparing for Relay by decorating luminaria bags. At the Relay event, there is a Luminaria Ceremony where we remember the ones we lost, and hope for the ones we love who are battling. Prior to Relay, TAC members and individuals in the community are busy creating beautiful designs to honor these special individuals.

The Luminaria Ceremony is an incredibly memorable part of the Relay event. On the bleachers at the Relay event, the bags are organized on the bleachers in an arrangement that read “hope” and “cure.” Around the track, the bags are lit up by candles, and it truly is an emotional experience for all who attend.

At the event, there are many speakers who share personal stories. These speakers are parents, students, survivors, and more. This year TAC’s theme is TACbook, and their slogan is “to fight for more birthdays.” The TAC team will be selling salsa at the event to continue their fundraising efforts.

At past Relay events, there has been face painting booths, Zumba dancing, and more. Not only is Relay a time for the community to give back to cancer, but it is also a fun way to interact with members in the community and celebrate a special cause.

The Relay event can last from six to 24 hours. Each team is responsible for a themed lap, where they give out an item or prize for the people. For one night, it is the community’s job to walk the track because cancer patients may seem to have an everlasting battle, and for one night, we keep fighting and walking for them.

For example, there is one lap at the event called the Caregiver Lap, where the community and members at the event acknowledge individuals who have supported the ones they love during their battle with cancer.

Ultimately, cancer has touched many of our lives, and Relay for Life has given us the opportunity to support those who have been affected by this disease.

Prior to May 20, you can join a team to give back to cancer, or if you are apart of TAC, all TAC members will be present at the event. Relay for Life is a very special night, where the community honors those who have been touched by cancer.