Pascack Hills’ Arts Festival: A Night of Creativity and Talent

Pascack Hills’ Arts department hosted the annual Arts Festival on May 31. Welcoming both students and parents to school in the evening, its mission was to showcase student work and portray the importance of the arts.

At the entrance of the school, volunteering students were placed to welcome in visitors with pamphlets for their convenience through the night. The program’s details were so thoroughly organized that a harp was arranged by the front door as well, setting the atmosphere for the night.  

The exhibitions at the school varied from art to photography, from choir to food. By each section of the school – west wing, east wing, cafeteria, and library – different stations were set up for the parents’ viewing of their children’s work and the students’ enjoyment of interactive activities.

Students’ displays were situated through the hallways on tables and hanging from the walls. Art pieces ranged from clay pots to sketches, from paintings to 3D-molds of everyday objects, for example a Starbucks coffee. In one room, photography teacher Danielle Garretson even transformed her room into a photo booth with costumes for people to take pictures in.

Both the concert and chamber choir performed in Margarita Elkin’s room, starting with group numbers before branching off to solo songs. While in the courtyard, a small student band performed a few numbers, bringing music to those who were relishing the student-made crepes from the cafeteria. After eating, many went to a small stand where henna and flash tattoos were being applied.

Walking through the hallways, a sign was placed by the media center that attracted many visitors to stop by and see the event. Students from cooking elective held a cake contest with 19 different cakes ranging from Sesame Street characters to beach cakes. The winner of the contest was PanCAKE, followed by M&M Madness for second place and finally the Cookie Monster cake for third place.

At the end of the night, Cindy Wagner organized a fashion show with the students taking the Fashion elective as the models. In the beginning, she showed a slideshow of the girls sowing and working hard on their designs. Then, Wagner introduced the girls while they all walked off the stage, presenting the quilts they created. The students made pajamas pants or shorts with different prints and showed off flowing shirts with different textures like denim or velvet.


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