A New Teacher In Room 223

By Matthew Wikfors

Nicholas Scerbo with a poster of Theodore Roosevelt. Photo by Matthew Wikfors.

Nicholas Scerbo with a poster of Theodore Roosevelt. Photo by Matthew Wikfors.

Last year, Stephanie Droste taught in Room 223 while Pamela Schwartz went on maternity leave.  This year, Nicholas Scerbo, one of the newest members of the Pascack Hills faculty, teaches four World History classes and one U.S. History II class in place of Schwartz, while she remains on maternity leave. He will teach the full 2017-2018 school year.

Scerbo previously taught history at Mater Dei High school i in central New Jersey for three years.  His experience with history isn’t just academic though: he grew up with a passion for the subject.

Scerbo said, “My dad loved history and had me read a lot of history books. My grandpa also had a lot of history books so as long as I can remember, I was immersed in history. I always enjoyed learning things about it.”  

His favorite subject is the Civil War, which was a deciding factor in attending Gettysburg College.  Unfortunately, the US History II course doesn’t cover the Civil War, but Scerbo still gets to teach another one of his favorite topics: Theodore Roosevelt.

Scerbo said, “The thing I’m looking forward to most is talking about Teddy Roosevelt since he was one of my favorite presidents…”

Currently, Scerbo is the assistant coach of the football team and is excited to experience Hills Pride. Out of everything at Pascack Hills, Scerbo is most looking forward to becoming a part of the Pascack Hills community.

“I’ve heard such great things about it, and I’m very excited to become part of such a kind and caring community like this.”