Hills Pride, All the Time


Class of 2020 poses at the pep rally

The colors, the cheers, the excitement, the laughter. All of these things were quite prevalent at the 2017 Fall Sports Pep Rally on September 13, with varsity teams from all fall sports being celebrated. At the rally, the Varsity Boys Soccer team, Varsity Gymnastics team, Varsity Football team, Varsity Volleyball team, Varsity Girls Tennis team and Varsity Cheerleading were all showcased. The freshman represented in brown, sophomores all in orange, juniors rocked the white, and the seniors went for the blackout.

Pascack Hills sophomore, Noah Kindler, talked about the excitement of the Pep Rally and said, “It was such a fun time and really a great atmosphere. It was great to be able to show off our hills pride and be a Cowboy Crazy. Plus, the games were a great time.”

As said, the Pep rally consisted of many fun and unique games for the students. Every year, the teachers come up with interactive games for some students to be able to participate in. Some of these games included, Speedball, Tug a war, Hungry Hungry Hippos, a puzzle contest, and a basketball freestyle. The games were entertaining even for those not participating, as they had the opportunity to cheer on their fellow grade mates.

Kyle Dipasupil, another Hills sophomore, talked about his experience of cheering on his fellow classmates, and said, “It was very exciting watching my fellow classmates try their hardest during the Pep rally. Even though I didn’t compete in anything, it was so fun to jump around and cheer for my classmates and my grade overall. A really fun experience, no matter if you were playing or not.”

Everybody seemed to be entertained at this rally, including the teachers. A couple of teachers, including Nick Evans and Lauren Bucco, even competed against the seniors in tug a war. Although it was a close battle, the teachers came out on top.

A day of fun, laughter, and excitement all came together to produce this fall’s Pep Rally. And as the crowd cheered, “Sko Hills!”