Thanks for Giving – Interact Club’s Thanksgiving Food Drive

By Caitlyn Parkes


Help out the community and donate to Interact’s Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and it’s time to start thinking about giving back.  This week brings a perfect opportunity to give back to our own community.  To start giving back, the Interact Club is hosting a Thanksgiving food drive from November 13th to 17th.

The donated food, which can be dropped off in the school lobby or library, is being brought to Helping Hand Food Pantry in Hillsdale.  Other clubs are also collecting food, and certain teachers as well.  They ask for any nonperishable foods, given that they will be in a box for the week and then brought to the pantry and shelved until they are needed.  

When people are asked about the importance of Thanksgiving, most answers had something to do with family, great memories, and giving back. However, while we are giving thanks, there are those less fortunate, even in our own communities, that could use a helping hand.

To Michele Garcia, a Hills Spanish teacher and the Interact Club advisor, Thanksgiving is all about “being with the people you love and being appreciative of everything you have.”  This is something that not only we are able to experience, but everyone in the world. But, celebrating the holiday filled with values is not easy for every family, as money to buy food for everyone can be a struggle to come across.

Not only does the Interact Club host this event, but assembles many great fundraisers throughout the year, such as the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Mother’s day drive, packaging meals for students in other countries, and the raising of money for those in impoverished, struggling locations.

This year, think of giving back. Taking part in this Hills sponsored food drive is one way to spread the holiday spirit, but there are always additional ways to help too.

The Interact Club has captured this meaning of Thanksgiving and now carries on an important tradition of giving back to our community and all those surrounding.  Remember the motto of the Interact club, “Service above self,” during these holiday months.