Saving the Environment with the Environmental Club


Photo by Sofia Papadopoulos

Environmental conservation is arguably at the forefront of the minds of many Pascack Hills students. Due to the relevance of environmental issues, students at Hills came together to form the Environmental Club. The Environmental Club at Hills brings together students who want to make a positive change in the environment. Taylor Robinson, a president of the club, showed her commitment to the club and the environment itself by saying, “The decisions we make today, the habits we form, will shape how we treat our planet in the future… The actions we take right now are going to matter in the long run.”


The Pascack Hills Environmental Club does not simply sit around and talk about the negative effects students have on the environment. Instead, the club takes action through bake sales, cleaning trash behind the school and the annual bike recycling collection for Pedals for Progress.


The major goal of the club this year is to investigate, with the help of the principal, the garbage disposal issue in the school. Some say that recyclables are supposedly being  placed with non-recyclables at the end of the day. Action has already been taken by confronting Miele, the garbage disposal company, about these allegations. Miele has stated that the garbage is separated later on in the process.


This is just one example of how the Environmental Club actually helps Pascack Hills which, in turn, helps the community.


Field trips are also taken, such as the upcoming trip to a waste management factory. Movie viewings are another part of the club activities. Since it is the Environmental Club, movies are about the environment which is why members watched WALL-E.


Junior Danny Jeong, this year is his second year as a member of the club said, “The Environmental Club is filled with people who want to better the environment…this year we are focusing on making sure the trash in our school gets disposed properly.”


The Environmental Club has a lot to offer this year, especially with a great teacher running the club, Martin Shields. Overall, Environmental Club is a club that tries to speak out and have its voice heard. This year, the club has the potential to make a big difference at Pascack Hills.