Are You Ready For Rent?

Are You Ready For Rent?

Pascack Hills is getting ready for its spring musical: Rent. Rent is a musical, set in the 1990s about a group of New Yorkers who struggle with everything, including their careers, love lives, drug abuse, and AIDS.

The play will take place March 1st through the 4th.  Rehearsals for the play will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:30 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 2:00. Callbacks are today, Monday, December 11. Good luck to all that are trying out.

The success of the last play creates more expectations for this upcoming play. “I liked the last play, so I am looking forward to Rent and its plot seems very interesting,” said freshman Jared Mitovich.

When news broke that the school was doing Rent, people were ecstatic despite the sensitive topics the play describes. Many people were talking about it; those who have performed in past plays, and those who have never been in a theatre production. “At first I was apprehensive about doing rent, because of the subject title, but as I started to listen to the soundtrack and watched the show I became more excited to be a part of it! I think it is going to be an amazing production. Students please come out and support the Pascack Hills players,” said freshman Yemie Woo.

The show Rent is so popular among students, it helped convince many students to come out for this play. There were about fifteen to twenty more members for this play than the last one. After seeing the last play, freshman Brianna Scott decided to audition for Rent. “I think it will be  a fun and new way to make friends abe be able to connect with people who share the same interests as me,” she said describing her decision to join the cast.

The play is a great way or people to make new friends. The theatre program is open to all students looking for a chance to share their talents. “As a freshman, I was really nervous about trying out for the fall play, but I really enjoyed it. I totally recommend joining the play,” Laura Puglia.

Between rehearsal hours, school, and other curriculars, being in the play can be a lot to take on at once for some students, but for those who took on the challenge have been happy with the results. “My theatre experience has been amazing at Hills.

The Hills Auditorium has turned into my home away from home. I am excited and sad but I hope the future away from Hills is bright and I am performing for many years to come,” said Senior Grady Johnson when asked about his experience in the theatre program. He goes on to say, “Not only have I met some of my best friends but I have also had the opportunity to find what I love to do and decided to go to college for Musical Theatre.”

For seniors in the theater program, this will be the last Hills production they will be apart of. After being apart of Hils programs such as Bonnie and Clyde and Big Fish, the seniors are saddened by the thought of their final hills production. “I’m very sad this is my last play at Hills. It’s my last time to be on stage with my friends and the last time most likely that I’ll be performing in this area. It’s always so nice to get on stage and see friends and family scattered throughout the crowd,” Johnson goes on to say, “Hills has shaped how I perform and will always be a part of me.”

The success of the play, Bonnie and Clyde, has made high expectations for the upcoming play Rent. Peter Fournier, the play director, said, “I’m positive this will be one of the best musicals in Hills history.  I’m so proud of all of my past casts, and I’m excited to see both new and old talent at callbacks.”