Kim Jong Un Invites President Trump to Meet with Him


Photo credit: The U.S. Army.

Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief

After a month of negotiations with South Korea, North Korea has opened their arms to the United States. According to recent developments, the hermit nation’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, has invited President Trump to a meeting –– the details of which are yet to be discussed.

In a letter read from South Korean officials, North Korea also vowed to halt its nuclear missile testing and allow South Korean-American military drills to continue as planned in April.

This rhetoric from North Korea is in stark contrast from its language just four months ago, with President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un threatening war against each other and in some cases threatening actual missile attacks.

However, North Korea has recently come out of its shell in terms of its openness to negotiations. Prior to the Olympics, the nation opened its arms to its southern neighbor, South Korea, in attempts to create a joint Olympic team. These efforts were successful, as were further negotiations between the two Koreas –– including the first face-to-face contact between Kim Jong Un and South Korean leaders since 2011. Both sides had commented on the easing tensions and the hope for a peaceful future.

Still, though, the move came as a surprise to the White House, with staffers being described as “caught off guard” by the announcement. The publicity leading up to North Korea’s invitation had been bubbling for hours prior, with many pondering on what it would be about. According to a White House administration official, North Korea’s sudden pivot in rhetoric “was not planned.”

Freshman Caitlyn Parkes said that “a meeting between two countries that originally seemed unwilling to negotiate with each other is certainly something significant.” She also expressed her relief surrounding the development, remarking that “I’m thankful that peace talks have finally begun to ensure the safety of Americans.”

Melissa Maday, another freshman, echoed similar thoughts but also conveyed hesitance toward the concept. “Although it’s great news that Trump and Kim Jong will be meeting, I have some reluctance toward the idea. We all should be aware by now of North Korea’s antics and how, even though it seems this is a turning point, they still could be planning to corner the President in their country instead of negotiating with him.” Maday also warned that “we shouldn’t be relieved just yet.”

The meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un could happen in April, when a summit is planned between North and South Korea — the President promised to meet with him by May. The location is unknown at this point, but it is reported that Geneva, Switzerland, and the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas are being considered. What’s more, South Korean officials noted earlier this week that North Korean was prepared to discuss completely denuclearizing as long as their safety is not at risk.