Trump Succumbs to the N.R.A


Photo of Pascack Hills student’s poster to fight for gun laws by Melanie Meisner

After the Parkland, FL shooting where 17 students and administrators were shot dead, President Trump stated he would oppose the National Rifle Association, the NRA, while working towards gun control measures. Many Americans, as well as families and friends of the victims, were extremely pleased with Trump’s surprising statement, but unfortunately for them, he has now gone back on his word.


        Trump made a promise on live television to raise the age limit of purchasing assault rifles to 21 years of age and bring back the universal, in-depth background checks the country had circa 2013.


        Trump has changed his mind, now suggesting it should be the states’ decision whether or not to raise the age limit of purchasing automatic assault rifles to 21 years old. Trump expressed his reasoning for this in a short tweet, “Not much political support (to put it mildly)”. He added that his administration will be watching court rulings before it acts.


        Many Americans were not surprised the president had turned back on his word and future plans. Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Ca. , said, “To no one’s surprise, the president’s words of support for stronger gun safety laws proved to be hollow.”


        Senator Feinstein had been in the meeting with the president when he decided he was open to the idea of banning assault weapons, and she liked the progress and steps the president were willing to take. Now, Feinstein claims Trump has “completely caved to the gun lobby.”


        The President has to make huge decisions and beware of the loads of backfire that will come no matter what he decides. Pascack Hills junior, Jenna Chiavelli, said, “I think it is very unprofessional of the president of the United States, a world leader, to just go back on his word that he expressed to the American people. He gave hope to so many spirits that something would finally be done but now we are back stuck in the same rut.”


        While many disagree with Trump now going back on a promise he made on live television, there are people who agree he made the best decision. Anonymous Pascack Hills student said, “I think Trump was right to go back on his word if he doesn’t really believe that banning rifles is a good idea for our country than we should trust our president. Although many people may not be happy with this, it does not mean the end of the world for our country.”


        Although the President had expressed openness to renewing the expired ban on assault rifles, Trump is now taking a subtler approach. He recently released a modest plan that rejected gun control measures and demonstrated his liking of more limited bills that provide weapon training for faculty and create other ways to respond to school shootings.