James Devaney to retire after 17 years at Hills

He shared more about it in an interview with the Trailblazer. 


Hills Yearbook

James Devaney was a custodian at Pascack Hills for 17 years. Not only has he helped in cleaning up around the school, but he was often seen having fun in wearing his cowboy hat on Fridays during drop off and wearing a Grinch suit before winter break. 

After all this time, Devaney has chosen to retire from Hills. He shared more about it in an interview with the Trailblazer

Briana Keenan: Why did you decide to retire?

James Devaney: Unfortunately, my retirement was due to an injury, and I was very sad to have to go.

BK: How has Hills impacted you throughout your career?

JD: I was given great camaraderie by so many people, and it made me a calmer, better person.

BK: What will you miss most about Hills?

JD: I will miss [seeing] the faces that gave me purpose, the students, teachers, and counselors. On [my] worst days, Hills was a great place to be.   

BK: What are your plans for after you retire?

JD: In retirement, I hope to find a nice fishing hole and relax. Wish me luck!

BK: Do you have any parting words?

JD: I would not look at this as a goodbye, but thank you, for the friendly wave in the morning on your way in. Friendly return [of] “good morning” even when it really wasn’t. And for those I’ve had great conversations, with thanks for listening. I wish everyone well, Go Hills!