Girls Varsity Volleyball Team Continues To “Dig” Out Wins


Junior Jamie Spelling digs the volleyball to help her team to the win

The undefeated start this fall by the Cowgirl Varsity Volleyball team has caught the eyes of the entire school, and has definitely earned the support of the rowdy Cowboy Crazies. Their successes include wins against league rivals and number four-ranked Riverdell, and powerhouse Caldwell. Coach McDonald discussed the benefits of her varsity team this year compared to last year. She explains, “We have experience times twenty, because they all played varsity for a year or two and then they all got to play together last year.” The roster includes five seniors and seven juniors for a grand total of 12 upperclassmen. Coach McDonald emphasizes the team’s energy in every game. She believes that the more energy they play with, the better they do. “If they have high energy and they get excited, then they become more competitive,” says Coach McDonald. The luxury of having multiple girls to set and win points for the Cowgirls is the top contributor to their success this year. This creates balanced scoring for the team-they have had a different kill leader in every game. Coach McDonald compliments the team on their self-motivation, to play hard during practices and fight hard during games. The team is determined to follow in the footsteps of the 2009 Cowgirl Volleyball Team, the last team to win a state championship. With the support of the Crazies, the team works towards keeping a 0 in the loss column and extending their winning streak to double digits. As the Big North competition heats up, the Cowgirls look to solidify their spot amongst the top of the standings in North Jersey.