PHHS Football Athlete of the Week: John Aquaviva


John Aquaviva (52) and Nick Garcia (2)

Kristina Hughes

When watching a football game, it is easy to only focus on the quarterback or the receiver, but it is important not to overlook the responsibilities of other players, such as the linemen, as John Aquaviva can attest to. After demonstrating an outstanding performance in the past week, senior, Aquaviva, has been chosen as a standout athlete this week.

Number 52 on the field, John is a center and defensive tackle, a key component of both the offensive and defensive lines. He is one of nine seniors on this year’s team, but his leadership has stood out more recently as he led his team to victory against Dwight Morrow in their 42-6 win.

When asked to describe Aquaviva, Coach Brooks Alexander said, “[he] has been playing extremely well on both sides of the ball. His leadership from the center position has anchored our offensive line.” John played an impressive game and had one of the four fumble recoveries by Pascack Hills, demonstrating his huge presence on the field. Coach Alexander added, “On defense he is among the team leaders in sacks and fumbles caused.”

Described as a “total monster” by teammate and fellow senior, Griffin Mongiello, John is an overall hard-working and aggressive player. Playing on both sides of the ball, he is one of few players to stay in for the entire game.

When asked to describe John Aquaviva, junior wide receiver and middle linebacker, Christian Piantino, said, “Aqua is the only senior on the offensive line. He is dominant on both sides of the ball and he really knows the game.” He added, “He can make the big block for a touchdown and make the play in the backfield on defense.”

According to teammates, the senior brings enthusiasm and aggressiveness into every practice or game. His hard work and dedication to the program is evident through his success on the field. He is always willing to give 110% on the field and will do whatever it takes to add to the success of his team, including a position change.

Brody Martinez, defensive end for Pascack Hills said, “Aqua is the most dedicated player we have on the team. He has worked harder than anyone on the team to be where he is, and it shows on the field.” Aquaviva’s hard work continues in the off season, as he is said to be the player who spends the most time in the weight room preparing for the season.

Aside from having a large presence on the field, John Aquaviva continues to be an energetic, smart, and helpful person off of the field. Seniors, Griffin Mongiello and James Esposito, described him as a “funny guy” who always likes to crack jokes.

Aquaviva’s leadership qualities, immense dedication to his team, and his recent demonstration of outstanding performance has attributed to his title of Pascack Hills’s Athlete of the Week. PHHS looks forward to seeing John and his teammates continue to work hard and succeed in their goal of winning another league title.