Gymnastics’ Athlete of the Week: Drum is Unstoppable


Pascack Regional Gymnastics, comprised of hard- working athletes from both Pascack Hills and Valley, have most definitely proved their excellence this year. Dramatically improving from last year’s two wins, PVRG has taken home 8 victories, including the B League Championship last Monday.

Among the extreme talent this team has to offer, Leanne Drum, junior here at Pascack Hills, always rises to the occasion. Drum’s scores on all four events have continuously contributed to Pascack’s combined team score year by year, as her gymnastics constantly improves.

Leanne, who has been on the team since a freshman, has been a gymnast since the young age of three. She has been attending Paragon Gymnastics, in Norwood, since the start of her gymnastics journey. Aside from her impressive high school gymnastics career, Drum competes for Paragon as a level 9 gymnast, one of the highest levels in the sport.

This year Drum suffered from a stomach injury mid- high school season. However, she came back strong and finished 4th all-around at the 2015 B League Championships. Her outstanding performance on both the floor exercise and uneven bars clenched the 4th place medal. Leanne’s determination to get back to gymnastics following her injury showed immensely throughout the meet and her outstanding performances and support towards other teammates aided PVRG in coming out on top.

When speaking about high school gymnastics, Leanne says, “It is a lot different, but still amazing, to be a high school gymnast as opposed to a club competitor. Pascack Gymnastics is a lot more team oriented than club, which forms unforgettable friendships. Our new and improved team, this year especially, gives the sport more life.”

With a severe ankle injury last season, it is safe to say Leanne has seen many competitions where she is unable to participate. With this said, if her team is counting on her, she will push through the pain, no matter how bad, and compete anyway, still producing excellent routines.

Captain Jillian Dean, senior at Pascack Valley, says, “Leanne is a very important part of our team. We can always count on her to cheer everyone up with her big personality, as well as whipping out above average routines no matter what the situation.”

Gymnastics has been a huge part of Leanne’s life for more than a decade, as she said, “This sport has allowed me to gain more confidence in my usually quiet self, and even though I get injured and face obstacles often, my love for gymnastics and amazingly supportive team keeps me coming back.”

As a member of the Pascack Regional Gymnastics team myself, I am proud to say Leanne has influenced me both in and out of the gym. She exhibits true athleticism no matter what the circumstances, and can always be looked to, always smiling, for inspiration and never-ending encouragement. Pascack Hills is lucky to have an athlete like Leanne walking our halls, whom unfailingly shows #hillspride.