Cowboy Crazies of the Season: Denver and Rosey


The Fall 2016 sports season was undoubtedly an exciting one, from the boys soccer team’s triumphant win against Ramsey, to the gymnastic team’s third place win at State Sectionals. The Trailblazer sat down with two of Hills’ craziest Cowboy Crazies, Denver Chernin (who only missed three soccer games) and Rosey Lambert (whose cries of “Lets go Cowboys!” could probably be heard across the field), to ask them about their #HillsPride.


Trailblazer (T): Why do you love being a Cowboy Crazy so much?

Denver Chernin (DC): It brings you together with everyone in your grade and school.

Rosey Lambert (RL): I love being a Cowboy Crazy so much because I love supporting my peers. I love being able to cheer for someone that I have gym with. I like making others happy and I love to scream and be crazy and have fun so being a Cowboy Crazy is a perfect fit for me.


T: Why should everyone be as crazy as you?

DC: Everyone should have Hills Pride and want to scream their heads off as Evan Laz saves the final penalty kick. You become closer connected to the team and their excitement becomes your excitement.

RL: Everyone should be as crazy as me because why not? It is more fun to literally go wild than to just stand there taking selfies. It’s about living and loving the moment of the event and the energy.


T: What effect do you hope your spirit has on the players, the fans, and the school?

DC: I want them to know that we as the school want them to win. I want to get them fired up. Its awesome to hear your name screamed while you’re on the field so with that we yell everyone’s name in big games because it’s an awesome feeling.

RL: I hope that my spirit helps pump the players up. I feel like by cheering and screaming my head off, I play a small part in helping the team win. And I feel that being crazy pumps up everyone else in the stands and causes camaraderie and friendship in the bleachers and then in the halls at school as well. I feel that these games and all the craziness brings the whole school all closer together.


T: If you could tell a freshman why they should participate in going to games, what would you tell them?

DC: You guys only have four years here and it goes faster than you can imagine. I was looking at the picture I attached and realized that it was my last year being a Cowboy Crazy and I only had one regret and that was that I didn’t go to enough games in my freshman and sophomore years. So my advice is just go to the games you don’t have to scream and go crazy but at least go and as you get older you will start being crazy.

RL: Enjoy every minute of it because it goes faster than you think. And you have to pay your dues being an underclassman crazy in order to get your spot in the front senior year.


T: What’s the craziest game you’ve ever been to?

DC: 2015 Soccer Sectional Final against Ramsey. Over 250 Crazies screaming their heads off and the suspense of penalty kicks made it all the better. You felt part of something as we ran on the field and hugged all the players after the win. Most people I’ve ever seen at a single game.

RL: The craziest game I’ve ever been to was the boys soccer game vs. Ramsey. That honestly was the highlight of my whole high school career. I have never felt anything like that before. There was so much spirit and pride floating in the air, I felt like I was breathing in pure happiness. I’ve never screamed louder in my life. And then during the penalty kicks I was holding hands with some other people praying we would win. And then when we saved the goal everyone hopped the fence and stormed the field. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I felt so much pride in my school and I felt that my Cowboy Craziness along with everyone else’s in the school helped the boys win that game.