Patrick Kane extends his point streak to 26


Chicago Tribune

Patrick Kane assists on a first period goal to push point streak to 26 in a row.

Evan Lazarus

While Trailblazer focuses more on sports like basketball and football on the professional level, our writers have decided to deviate from the norm and write about one of the most underrated streaks going on in sports. People continue to count out the National Hockey League (NHL) as a major sports league, especially since the scoring has decreased. The NHL has turned viewers from football and basketball to the ice to watch the greatness of Chicago Blackhawk’s forward Patrick Kane’s 26-point streak.

For those who don’t know, each goal or assist awards one point in the NHL. A goal can actually result in an award of three points: one for the goal scorer, one for the player who makes the primary assist, and another for a player who makes a secondary assist.

Kane has had a 26-point streak over the last 26 games the most out of any active NHL player this year. At only 27 years old, Kane’s, streak is the longest in NHL history since Mats Sundin had a 30-game streak for the Quebec Nordiques in 1992-93. Kane eclipsed the 25-point streak with an assist on Sunday night against the Canucks. Kane is responsible for 54 percent  of goals this year for the Blackhawks.

In a USA Today article, Coach Joe Quenville said, “We’re all having fun watching it and enjoying the different fashions in which he’s able to keep moving forward. Everyone is rooting for him as well. The earlier it’s accomplished [the better]. I don’t think it’s a distraction early, but as the game goes deeper it can be.”

Kane leads the NHL in total points with 46 in 31 games played and is on pace for a personal record of 121 points.

In a post game interview after the 24th game of Kane’s streak, ESPN got to chat with Patrick about his streak.

“There’s a lot of great players that have had amazing streaks, and I think this is one that I’ve had, I mean, I’ve been lucky and fortunate to keep it alive for as long as it’s been going on,” he said..

“There’s been some big games, some bad games, but sometimes you need a little bit of luck in a streak like this. I think it’s been fun. My teammates have been great. I think they’ve been almost too kind, to the point where sometimes you almost feel that they’re over-passing a little bit. But everyone’s been awesome about it.”