Football Season Comes To An End

By Josh Cooper


Image taken by Josh Cooper

This season didn’t go as planned for the Cowboys, whose season was negatively impacted by injuries to key players. A once promising season is coming to a disappointing close, with the Cowboys heading into their last game of the season with a 2-6 record.

When reflecting on the season, Coach Brooks Alexander’s displeasure was evident. At the beginning of the season, he was anticipating a successful season. “Our goals are always to win the conference championship, make the playoffs, and compete for a state championship,” Alexander said. “We missed our goals by quite a bit. A great deal of adversity with injuries, and we are fighting through it.”

Injuries to players like Jacob Cortazzo, Adam Castrillon, Dom Campana, Tyler Allgor, Deven Deppert and Michael Banovic were all devastating losses to a team expecting to be able to rely on these players as stars and leaders.

When asked how these injuries changed the outcome of the season, Alexander said, “Entirely different. We would have achieved our goals.”

Although it wasn’t the Cowboys’ best season, there were still reasons for enthusiasm from this fall.

“Beating Cedar [Grove] and being with the team were the highlights of my season,” said sophomore wide receiver Adam Gillman. He also spoke about how the team has a strong bond, which certainly helps lift the morale after a losing season like this.

The season ended with a home game against Dumont. Although they didn’t come out on top, losing 14-8, the Cowboys played with pride and passion.

“We always want to represent Pascack Hills well,” Alexander said. Although it wasn’t the best season, players gave it their all, and are looking forward to next year.

“I have high hopes for our team next season,” sophomore Aiden Snell said. “I hope that we can make big improvements and win some more games next season.”