Cowboys Lose Their Final Home Game to Dumont


Hills lost to Dumont 29-0 in their final home effort. Photo by Tyler Boyle.

The Pascack Hills Cowboys lost to the Dumont Huskies 29-0 in their last home game of the season. The loss pushed the team to an 0-8 record It was a disappointing way for the team’s seniors to end their careers. Though the game wasn’t a victory, it was definitely a special moment for the seniors who played and for the seniors who cheered them on for a final time.

“Although the game didn’t go the way anyone wanted, it was fun to cheer the guys on for a final time,” senior Josh Cohen said. “I hope they felt the crowd’s spirit while playing.” Cohen has been a passionate Cowboy Crazy for the past four years and is proud of his friends on the gridiron. “It might not have been their best season, but I am still proud of the way they fought week in and week out. The final game didn’t change my opinion one bit.”

` The Crazies definitely weren’t deterred by the scoreboard, cheering on the Cowboys until the last second. “For our final game, we wanted to cheer them on until time ran out. Even though they didn’t score, we still wanted to cheer for the guys on offense; even though the defense let up a few scores, we wanted to make sure they felt appreciated” senior Harrison Scott said. Scott was one of the leaders of the Cowboy Crazies this year and made it a point to make it a special season for the players playing their final season of high school football. “College football games will be fun for us seniors next year, but the intimacy of high school football will be missed.”

The players, while disappointed by the score, were appreciative of the crowd’s support during the game. “The Crazies were really supportive and motivating during the game. They did a good job of energizing us, and we wanted to play hard for them,” senior football player Adam Gillman said. “It was a great four years in the football program. I am thankful for my time with the team.”

As this season comes to a close, people are excited about the team’s prospects next year. “I’m excited to see what the younger guys can do on the team next year,” Gillman said. “I think that they can be a pretty competitive team next year.”