Hills Hoops: Boys Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity

“I can’t wait for the season to start and to be coached by coach Marini, I feel this season is going to be very different,” Berson said. 


The freshman, junior varsity, and varsity boys basketball players all have different motivations for playing the game. Yet, what they all have in common is their dedication to being a Pascack Hills athlete.

“I want to be a three season athlete, and am doing lacrosse in the spring. I have enjoyed basketball so far because of how much fun it is to play with a team,” Billy Connell said.

Height helps, too.

“I was told I was tall by a lot of people, and was told I should play Basketball. It was only last year,” Connell continued.

Billy credits his coach, Mr. Dan Apice, for his happiness on the team.

“Coach Apice is helping the team build, even though there have been a lot of kids sick.  He is able to adjust and help the team,” Freshman basketball player Billy Connell said.

The Boys JV team is also gearing up for another season.

“The team is great this year and I honestly think that the JV team is going to make playoffs for sure. Everyone got better this year as well and my shot is always gonna stay clean” Garrett Wynne, a sophomore basketball player said. 

In the off season, many players have been training for the season in open gyms or just playing with their friends on nearby courts. Aiden Kehoe, a 6,7 giant, has been in the Stack Gym in Mahwah, doing one-on-one training. Josh chang, Garrett Wynne, Aiden Berson, Andrew Brodsky, Jesse Belnick, Ian Soloman, Jacob Chernow, and more have been playing on Steve’s Brodsky’s league team for practice as well.

Other players also have their own ways of practicing. 

“I haven’t been to the open gyms but the majority of the team goes. I’ve been hearing they are good and I’ve seen people’s shots getting better. I’ve been doing my own thing this season though and I’m excited to play. This year is going to be a big year” Ian Solomon a sophomore shooting guard said. 

“Our teammates have been working hard in the offseason at the open gyms and it will reflect in the season. Definitely playoff-worthy and we are way better than last year. If you’re slacking, that’s not good,” Aiden Berson said.

In the season of 2018-2019, Coach Marini led his team to a tournament championship. Although they lost, this only motivated the team for the next year.

“I can’t wait for the season to start and to be coached by coach Marini, I feel this season is going to be very different,” Berson said. 

The sentiment is similar on the Varsity team.

“The team has a lot of potential, and if we play together, we can be successful,” Junior Varsity player Jake Morales said.

Junior JV Basketball player Nikhil Indugula is looking forward to the first scrimmage against Ramapo.

“I’m excited for the first scrimmage. It’s always fun to see how we play together. Practice is one thing, but it’s different when you are actually playing.”