Wrestling home opener

“This is going to be a top three school sporting event for Pascack Hills.”

Mr. Bucco’s Wrestling team is getting ready for another season, with their first match against Don Bosco tonight at 7pm. 

“We’ve got some good players in all the different weight classes that can win us matches.  That’s always good,” said sophomore, varsity wrestler, Michael Frangos.

Whether it be Patrick Cahill or Max Martinez in the lower weight class, David West and Sharbel Nicholas in the middleweight class, or Chris Centeno and Nick Artizone in the higher weight classes, the team is solid and ready to win.

“A lot of us have been in the weight room and practicing even when we didn’t have a practice before the season because we knew that would get us ready for the season.  There were usually at least 8 wrestling kids in the weight room every day of the preseason which was really good,” sophomore, lightweight wrestler, Patrick Cahill said.

These wrestling kids put in the work throughout the offseason which will undoubtedly help them be a better team this year.

“We practice every day for around two hours after school.  But, outside of that, we are making sure we keep healthy with what we eat and do during the season.  That definitely helps us be fitter and better,” another member of the squad, Aidan Varkey said.

This in-season dedication to the sport both while at practice and while living their regular lives could be huge to this team’s success as well.  As they spend long hours in the hot wrestling room, while it is tough, it is only making them better trained, tougher, and stronger which is all needed to be the better wrestler on the mat.  

“We think we are a really good team.  We are confident that we will have a great year this year and win all the matches we can,” another member of the squad, Omar Daragmeh said.

That confidence doesn’t just come out of nowhere; there is undoubtedly some reasoning behind that confidence that makes the whole school community feel like the wrestlers will be competitive.

“We did not have enough support last year. We would really only have up to ten kids come for a varsity match.  That has to change. So everybody has to show up to support the team and get more kids to come. Especially with the fact that we will be a really good team, there is no reason for people not to come,” sophomore wrestler,  Michael Frangos said.

The first match is home, against Don Bosco tonight at 7pm. Bucco is looking forward to the support the Hills community will bring.

“This is going to be a top three school sporting event for Pascack Hills.”