Pascack Valley Swim uniting district students

‘’Being on the swim team is a good chance to meet and work with people you otherwise may not have gotten to know, whether it be because of different schools or different ages.’’ sophomore Kenny Huang, said.

Having a team with both Hills and Valley allows students to make new friendships with kids they otherwise wouldn’t know. It is a great opportunity to meet more kids with the same common interest.

‘’My favorite thing about being on the swim team is that I get to swim with people who have drive and dedication to our sport; It’s really great because you feel like almost a part of a family’’, sophomore Nick Kankanyan said.

The Pascack Valley Regional swim team always has new kids coming up after the upperclassmen move on. This is because the varsity swimmers have extreme drive and dedication. This rubs off on the JV swimmers and makes them into future varsity swimmers. 

This year’s team has had great success. The pascack girls team earned second place at the Bergen Country Invitational. Pascack Hills seniors Christian Hanna, John Kim, and Valley student Brendan Broesler, and Zach Zeller broke the 200 medley relay school record. Despite this success, they have played against very close competition

 The top moments from the season would have to be competing against other teams of rather equal skill level says sophomore Kenny Huang.

The Hills/Valley team has had a great season so far. It is even more impressive considering they play against very stiff competition. 

At the beginning of the month, the girls took home a win against Hackensack. The score was 92-80.  One week later on January 13th, the Pascack boys beat Bosco by a score of 96-74.

These were great wins against tough competition.

‘’Surprisingly, our team this year is the strongest it has ever been, even with the severe shortage of guys this year. I think it’s because we know that because we’re short-staffed, we need to work harder than we ever have before to meet our already high standards. Some of the top guys this year are John Kim and Tyler Marzano’’,sophomore Nick Kankanyan said.

Most people at Hills know very little about our aquatic enthusiasts. The Pascack Regional Swim Team has had a great season and will look to continue its dominance for the rest of the winter

‘’We have practice from 5 am-6:30 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We have 7 am-8 am practice on Sundays.’’, sophomore Kenny Huang said.

The swim team has a great future, great culture, and good winning mojo. They have a great thing going on and joining the swim team next year could be a cool experience for any Pascack Hills student.