Alejandro Camarena Athlete of the Week


After an outstanding performance against Dumont, in which he recorded 10 tackles and one pass deflection, Alejandro Camarena was awarded Athlete of the Week during the week of October 20, 2021. The Junior linebacker and offensive guard was selected for his extraordinary effort in the tough loss against Dumont. 

Although Camarena was named Athlete of the Week, he holds himself to a higher standard. 

“[Even though] I played a pretty good game, [I] definitely could have had a much better performance,” said Camarena, “After every play, good or bad, I would be critiquing myself”

As if Camarena’s performance wasn’t impressive enough, it is important to note that it was only his second game playing at linebacker. After losing senior linebacker Gabe Fontura-Lyons and sophomore linebacker Jordan Morell to injury, Camarena was moved to linebacker ahead of the week 6 battle against Glen Ridge. 

“The biggest challenge that I [faced] going into the game was convincing myself that I was going to play well and execute” said Camarena, “I thought I did well for my first game at linebacker, so I used that experience to give me confidence”

Camarena also thanks his coaches and teammates for helping him along the way. 

“I’d like to thank all my coaches for holding me to a high standard,” said Camarena, “ It’s really helped my teammates and I throughout the season. I also want to thank my teammates for encouraging me to be better.”