Nicole DiCaprio commits to Colgate for soccer

Nicole DiCaprio commits to Colgate for soccer

Hills senior Nicole DiCaprio officially committed to Colgate University this fall as a D1 soccer player. She feels that her decision to follow a path different than her older brother, Ryan, has marked a turning point in her life.

From a very young age, DiCaprio looked up to her older brother Ryan. She admired him for his athleticism, and for how well liked he was; he became her role model. 

DiCaprio says that by the time she was four years old, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her seven-year-old brother. And so, that year, she began playing soccer just as he did, and she quickly fell in love with the sport.

“I love being challenged mentally and physically, and I love the family aspect you have with your team… If I’m feeling down about something, stressed, or even physically ill, when I go out and play soccer, I come back feeling like it solved all my problems,” DiCaprio said.

DiCaprio does not forget the impact of her brother on her life and passion for soccer. She maintains the gratitude she feels toward Ryan and is glad to have followed in his footsteps.

“I credit him for most of my success thus far,” she said.

DiCaprio has played soccer for 13 years, and now, as a senior captain, she is a seasoned and accomplished high school athlete. DiCaprio led the Pascack Hills soccer team to the quarterfinals in the NJSIAA sectional tournament, and has attained many more impressive achievements over the years. 

“My soccer career in high school changed my outlook on soccer… I grew more love for the sport within the last four years because I saw more of the fun in it,” she said.

This fall, DiCaprio was accepted into Colgate University and United States Military Academy West Point, the college her brother attended. She was invited to play soccer at both of these prestigious establishments.

“I was so happy about both of them and I loved both coaches, so I was very excited for myself because I felt like my hard work paid off,” she said.

DiCaprio felt conflicted about the choice between Colgate University and West Point because she knew she wanted to attend Colgate University next year but was uncertain of what this choice would mean for her future. It was unclear what this fork in the road would lead to, and diverging from the path her brother took was daunting. 

“I can see 3 years into the future because that’s how much older my brother is. This is a path whose direct destination is viewable. If I don’t do this, everything’s up in the air and I will have to make major decisions by myself,” she said.

“But when I sat down and thought about all the facts… I realized Colgate was the place for me,” DiCaprio said.

During the fall signing period, DiCaprio signed her National Letter of Intent to Colgate University. 

“At Colgate, I look forward to training at the highest level I’ve ever trained and challenging myself by living in the real world without parents or any safety nets to help me,” she said.

DiCaprio also plans on being a biology major on a pre-med track at university.

“People think I’m crazy when I say I’m a D1 athlete and am pre-med.”

Looking back on her high school experience, DiCaprio says, “I really found myself in the last four years. I couldn’t tell you who I was four years ago but now, I know who I am and I hope everyone goes through that in high school.”

After reflecting on her own journey, DiCaprio gives some advice: “Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and just keep believing in it even if people tell you it’s crazy. Work hard and make sure you take everyone’s help that gives it to you, especially from your friends, family, and teachers because you can’t reach your dreams without a little help.”

Photo Credits: Nicole DiCaprio