New Rimmel mascara is a must-have for drugstore makeup lovers


For those who don’t believe in spending what seems like a fortune on makeup products at stores like Sephora, drugstore makeup is the way to go. New to drugstores everywhere is Rimmel’s 24 HR SuperCurler Mascara.

For the great price of only $3.59 (on this mascara certainly gives you your money’s worth. Rimmel claims that this mascara creates volume while also curling lashes for 24 hours.

The curled brush certainly creates volume while curling lashes; it really does everything it claims to do. However, if you’re a fan of plastic mascara bristles like myself, this brush can be annoying and feels as though it creates clumps. For such a cheap price, though, the small annoyance is definitely worth it.

The new mascara’s brush. Photo by: Hanna Kimball

At first, the mascara itself requires multiple coats. The brush and mascara combined can take some getting used to, as at first I found myself getting more mascara on my hands than my eyelashes. But, after getting used to the brush and consistency of the product, it looks like any high-end mascara would.

The mascara after three coats.
Photo by: Hanna Kimball

As a lover of Covergirl’s Clump Crusher mascara, I have to say Rimmel’s new mascara gives it a run for its money. Overall, Rimmel’s new 24 HR SuperCurler Mascara works much better than anticipated. The mascara does all that it claims to do: curled lashes and volume for only $3.59! Rimmel’s new 24 HR SuperCurler Mascara certainly is a must-have for drugstore makeup fans.
Overall rating: 8.5/10