What NOT to Wear for Halloween

By Jenna Chiavelli

Photo by Partycity.com.

Photo by Partycity.com.

Halloween is soon approaching which means endless candy, haunted houses, and crazy costumes. Typically, costumes are the main focus of the holiday. When asked about Halloween, junior Jessica Martini said, “Nothing stresses me out more than trying to figure out what I’m being for Halloween.” And although students at Pascack Hills are notorious for claiming their Halloween costumes months ahead of time, it is important we carefully consider our costumes before our “creative” idea turns into a controversy. So what costumes should you avoid?

Costumes that promote any kind of cultural stereotype should be avoided at all costs. For example, Party City offers a “Hey Amigo Mexican Costume” which consists of a Caucasian man wearing a sombrero, long mustache, and poncho while riding a donkey. Costumes such as this one are appropriating the Mexican culture. Not only is it offensive, but every time a costume similar to the “Hey Amigo” ensemble is purchased, it encourages the industry to create more disrespectful costumes. Other examples include dressing up as an African American, Indian or even wearing “traditional” Chinese clothing.  These cultures are not ours to take advantage of and delegitimize. Keep Halloween a lighthearted holiday by ditching offensive costumes.

Additionally, refrain from purchasing costumes that sexualize a child. Recently, Yandy.com released a “Sexy Eleven” costume from the hit show Stranger Things. The character Eleven is played by 13-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown. Costume companies are manipulating the innocence of a 13-year-old and transforming it into an absurdly inappropriate concept. Dressing up as a “sexy” child is simply not sexy, in fact it’s rather creepy.

It is important to refrain from dressing up as controversial celebrities, for example, Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein is an American film producer who is recently facing several accusations of sexual assault. Topics such as sexual abuse should never be taken lightly even if it is just a Halloween costume. Another poor costume choice includes dressing up as O.J. Simpson. Not only has Simpson been charged for 10 felonies but he was also accused of murdering his ex-wife. His recent release from prison has sparked numerous Halloween costume ideas. It’s best we leave sensitive subjects such as these to the news rather than mock the reality of the situation.

Halloween should be a day filled of fun and light-heartedness. There are so many amusing and lively costumes you can buy or even DIY yourself! So this year ditch the controversy and embrace the thrill that is Halloween.