How To Avoid Procrastinating


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After a six hour school day, many students want to be able to wind down by watching Netflix and doing other things they find enjoyable. But, of course there are always many more hours of homework to pile upon these teens after their already stressful day.

In addition to going to school, many children play sports and do other clubs that prevent them from being eager to start homework when they finally arrive home. Eventually, a repetitious cycle begins where students procrastinate for hours, stay up late to do homework, and then are tired the next day when school work comes around again. The question emerges, How can one stop themselves from procrastinating?

  1. Do Homework Right Away

Many students believe it is best to do homework the instant they get home. This method is good because it does not require spending the entire night intermittently doing work. Instead, you can finish it all at once then spend the rest of the night however you want. Kelly McCarty says, “When I get home and immediately start doing schoolwork, I find that I’m done hours earlier. I have the rest of the night free to myself that way.”

This is a great way to stay in the educational groove and a superb habit to have. Directly after school is when many students feel the most motivated to do their work due to the fact a day full of learning just ended for them. Like Isaac Newton said, an object in motion stays in motion.

  1. Work During Pascack Period
    Another approach many students take to manage their time successfully is fully utilizing their Pascack Period. Sofia Papadopoulos says, “It’s easier to do school work during Pascack Period. I finish work faster at school than I do at home and it’s just more efficient.” Many teens find this statement legitimate which is why you can find the library and other classrooms jampacked with dedicated students eager to finish work.
  2. Plan Ahead

Sometimes, planning ahead when to complete work is the most methodical thing you can do. Many students like to create a schedule for when to do homework or even just a loose plan of what order to finish all their assignments in. Heather Poleway says, “I like to make myself a schedule because then you can see all your assignments and plan your time efficiently.” Creating steps to follow in a specific order to do your work makes it much easier to complete in a timely fashion.

  1. Put Away Your Phone

For many, the temptations to check Snapchat or Instagram overcome their want to receive good grades. When this happens, a thirty minute assignment can easily turn into a two hour one, which is why many people need to put their phone away while they complete work.  

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It is obviously very difficult to focus on homework when you’re half asleep. In fact, researchers from Harvard Medical School published an article quoted, “When we are sleep deprived, our focus, attention, and vigilance drift, making it more difficult to receive information. Without adequate sleep and rest, over-worked neurons can no longer function to coordinate information properly, and we lose our ability to access previously learned information.” To be able to do your homework without procrastinating, you need a good night’s sleep.

With these tips in mind, Trailblazer school news wishes you the best of luck in completing homework earlier and more efficiently!