Prom: A Beautiful High School Roller Coaster

By Amber Leung and Olivia Uribe

Prom: A Beautiful High School Roller Coaster

Olivia Uribe and Amber Leung

As the imminent prom season readily approaches, the question remains: is the stress really worth it for one night of “glamor”? From the cost of dresses to the cost of corsages, from hair and makeup to the worry of promposals, it seems as though the anxiety of trying to make the night perfect overwhelms the key factor of having fun.

It seems as though it even starts with drama – the creation of a “prom group chat” is one that can bring murky waters. These group chats are made by students, primarily girls, in both the junior and the senior class so that they can post their desired outfits. While it may act as an efficient organizer, it can also be seen as a initiation for arguments to break out, as girls scramble to calls “Dibs!” on a particular dresses, in order to avoid duplicates or even similar styles.

Senior Devon Margulies says, “These prom group chats are great because of how organized the are but sometimes there can be a little bit of drama with them, because it’s almost impossible to satisfy everyone.”

However, it must be noted that positive reinforcements are seen in these chats as well; rather than tear others done, many compliment each other. Rather than fight over said dress, these chats work as a device to hype up everyone for a night of entertainment.

“Prom is not worth it, especially junior year, since it’s so much pressure to get a date and there’s always so much unnecessary drama,” states Jolie Newman, a sophomore. “Also, there’s so much pressure to look good and meet all these other social standards.”

As promposals are dominating Instagram feeds to Twitter hashtags, the nerves of wondering if you have a date can be one of the worst roller coaster rides. It’s even worse when everyone in the friend group seems to have a date – that is, everyone but you. Yet, while the gruesome journey of searching for a date may result in nothing, remember prom can be just as fun with a group of close friends.  

And perhaps getting a date isn’t such a benefit either – coordination of colors, making sure both parties look presentable for pictures, trying not to forget about his friends and her friends – the planning process is tedious. Not only are the prom tickets expensive, especially if it’s for two, the accessories to paint the picture of an ideal date are costly as well.

With or without a date, guys are expected to find a well-fitting suit, while girls are pushed to find the perfect dress and shoes and jewelry and purse and someone to do their makeup and hair and nails. Adding all these variables together, the total damage done can no way be less than triple digits.

However, despite the complaints throughout the months leading up to this chaotic season, young adults appear to drift back to prom time and time again, whether it be juniors to senior prom or graduates reminiscing about the last night of craze with their collective high school class.

“Although the negatives may seem to outweigh the positives, at the end of the day, prom is just a high school experience no one should miss out on,” says junior Lauren Losak. “I can’t say the same for junior prom, but senior prom is special because it’s one of the last times your whole grade can be together before leaving for your separate ways.”

The process can be daunting, anxious, and at times, can even seem pointless, but when when you look back on the golden moments of high school, prom takes the lead each time. Without a doubt, the memories of smiles, laughter, and friendship surmounts the pressure that comes with prom. After all, this bumpy ride of ups and downs, isn’t this what high school is about?