Quick, Cheap, and Easy Weekend Getaways

City-goers soaking up the sun at Central Park in New York City. Photo by Skylar Bachman.

City-goers soaking up the sun at Central Park in New York City. Photo by Skylar Bachman.

Skylar Bachman, Life and Style Editor

As summer begins to creep up and the sun shines a little stronger, students of Pascack Hills see an immediate and thrilling change in their day to day life. Weekends will no longer be spent laying in bed watching Netflix but driving with the windows down on the way to the next adventure. Whether looking for a quick day trip with some friends or something that lasts the whole weekend with the family, there are many places nearby that will serve as the perfect getaway.

Ramapo Reservation

Only 20 minutes from Pascack Hills, Ramapo Reservation is an extremely popular day retreat among many Pascack Hills students. The beautiful trails along the park lead to a large lake in the middle of the reservation where one can stay for hours cliff jumping or even bring a furry friend to let them get a swim as well. The reservation, full of incredible picturesque sceneries, is made of unlimited pathways, encouraging exploration among all areas. Pascack Hills junior, Jessica Martini, said, “I love going to Ramapo Reservation on a sunny day and spending time hiking with my friends- when I am able to do that, it truly feels like summer.”

Long Branch Beach

Although a bit more of a ways away than Ramapo, Long Branch Beach is the perfect weekend or sunny day getaway for those of all ages. The drive from Pascack Hills is a quick and easy hour and fifteen minutes, but if one does not have their license or someone to drive them, it is a two and a half hour train ride, including switching trains at the Secaucus Junction. Long Branch is another popular destination Hills students tend to gravitate towards as the weather grows warmer. Pascack Hills junior, Melanie Meisner, said, “Long Branch is my by far my favorite place to go when it’s warm. It is so easy to just take the train there with my friends, tan the whole day, get dinner then leave…it is the perfect day to me.” The delightful, quaint “Pier Village” is full of shops, eateries, and loads of fun- there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Westminster Hotel

A short 40 minutes from Pascack Hills, Westminster Hotel is the perfect quick and easy weekend getaway. This luxurious hotel can give off the “vacation feel” even when one is only 40 minutes from home. All rooms are completely modernized with a fresh and clean style as well as considered extremely cleanly among customers. The four star hotel can range from about $150 to $200 per night depending on the size of the room chosen and amenities alongside the purchase. The vacation-style hotel, only 10 minutes from world class Short Hills shopping mall, has a deluxe pool, spa, as well as a beautiful, grand event venue.

Central Park, New York City

Last but definitely not least, New York City, otherwise known as the greatest city in the world, is fortunately only about 45 minutes away from Pascack Hills. Whether it be by bus, train, or driving over the famous George Washington Bridge, one can end up in the “Big Apple” in a matter of minutes and spend the day doing virtually anything. Due to the increasing, favorable temperatures, city-goers are coming out of hibernation from their apartments and spending the day soaking in the sun at Central Park. Central Park, located in the center of Manhattan, if full of empty grass lawns where anyone can roll out a blanket and spend their day in the company of others, or just simply keeping to themselves. The park, full of benches, fountains, street performers, and food vendors, can keep one busy the entire day.