Vanilla Sky’s Sweet Grand Opening


One of the main displays at Vanilla Sky showing some of the latest trends for the spring season. Photo: Carly Haberfield

Amber Leung, Editor in Chief

As one of the newest additions to the DePiero’s Farm’s shopping center, Vanilla Sky had its debut opening on Fri. April 13. There could not have been a better day to officially open, being that Friday was the first real sign that spring has finally arrived.

With chain stores in Brooklyn, Long Island, and Westchester, Vanilla Sky is a fashion boutique that is aimed to sell high quality, trendy pieces at an affordable price. Opening in 2009, the chain focused on the east coast and although started out as a small retailer, Vanilla Sky has grown throughout the years and has been gaining attention through social media.

Although the crowd fluctuated throughout the day, every customer was greeted with a warm welcome from the employees, some of the employees even students at Pascack Hills. With large smiles, all the employees were enthusiastic and eager to help every customer.

Carly Haberfield, a junior who was recently hired by Vanilla Sky, says, “The environment is really warm and friendly. Everyone is very nice and I’ve seen so many of my friends and classmates come in and shop.”

The store was decorated in an organized fashion, with contemporary vases and lights all around. There were mannequins wearing some of the most popular designs to give a visual to all the customers debating whether or not to buy that particular shirt or skirt. Large mirrors were displayed so prospective customers could admire themselves in the pieces they’ve picked out and the fitting rooms were large as well, just roomy enough to try on clothes without getting claustrophobic.

“The atmosphere was very relaxed and they played Z100 Top 40 music, so you could tell right away they’re targeting high school students,” states Stephanie Kim, a student at Hills. “The clothes were trendy and I could definitely see myself shopping there more in the future, especially since I live so close!”

Leaning towards more of a girly feel, the clothes there could be seen as boho-chic, many of the pieces catered to events such as brunch with friends during the springtime and the various music festivals happening in the upcoming summer season. With a lot of pastels and flowy materials, Vanilla Sky has captured the essence of spring to high school students and plays into their DNA as being “casual but fashionable.”

As the shopping center at DePiero’s Farm expands, Vanilla Sky will certainly be a prominent attraction to high school students around the area with its trendy clothing and lively atmosphere.