How to Stay Organized, Year-Round

How to Stay Organized, Year-Round

Christina Kim , Life and Style Editor

Having school 5 days a week, for 36 weeks, may result in the accumulation of an abundance of assignments and too many tests to count. Eventually, it will feel as though there is no possibility to complete all of the work left piled up. There seems to be a continuous cycle of students not being able to keep track of their assignments and not completing their work because of misplacements, or not marking it down properly. However, if one is organized and is able to stay on top of their school work, they will be able to succeed throughout the school year.

When the class period comes to an end and the teacher announces the homework for the night, or any upcoming assignments, many students zone out and rely on the work to be placed on canvas. However, many know the vicious cycle of not remembering what the assignment was or not seeing where the work was placed. There are many options and different ways to stay organized throughout the school year and stay on top of work.


  1. Use an agenda/planner

Using a store bought agenda is a affordable, logical, and a very basic item to use for staying organized throughout the year. Depending on each planner, the layout will be uniquely different but will have the overall alikeness with all of the others. The planner will aid you in knowing exactly what you have coming up, whether it be school, social outing, and or sports. In the beginning of each month, one will be able to write the larger events that would be occurring for each day, and further into the month, the days will be separated and given more specific attention. This space can be used for upcoming assignments that are due on a certain day.

  1. Different binders, notebooks, and folders for each subject/class

All students are different, which means some prefer to have one large binder for many subjects, while others prefer to have separate, smaller binders for different subjects. The latter option has found to be the preferred option for many. The reasoning behind this is that smaller binders are able to keep different assignments for different subjects safe and separated. This leaves no room for lost or misplaced work.

  1. Keeping one’s backpack clean and orderly

Many have found that it is vital to keep one’s backpack very clean as it seems to be a necessity to staying organized throughout each day of the school year. Keeping binders, notebooks, and other items in the same order will help tidy up one’s bag and allow for a routine each day. This method assisted many in keeping their work very organized for each class, as well as their backpack very kept and clean.

  1. Using Stickies

The “stickies” tool is extremely helpful for all macbook users, whether one is in school or not. The icon “stickies” on an Apple computer are the electronic customizable post-its. These stickies are available in different colors, shapes, and multiple font styles. The electronic post-its help to keep one up to date on their upcoming events and or assignments. It is beneficial to create a different sticky, each its own color, for every individual class. This will help if one is reliant on their computer during school, as they will be able to jot down the work that is assigned towards the end of the period. Sophomore, Ryan Glazer states, “I love using stickies, especially during school. They help me stay so organized, and keep me in track of knowing what I have to get done. They are also good for reminders, or anything that you have to jot down in general.”