Chill Out: Best Meditation Apps

Chill Out: Best Meditation Apps

As the school year heads into full swing, it is important to keep your mind at ease through all the stress. Whether you are applying to college, have a big test, preparing for an ACT, or even for a big soccer game, it is important to stay clear minded in order to present the best version of yourself. Taking time from one’s day to head to mediation and or yoga may be a little unrealistic for some, but thankfully there are many ways to do this professionally within one’s own home.


There are many popular apps dedicated to helping train the brain to stay calm and collected when one is having a bad day or needs to prepare for something that may make them uneasy. A very popular app within the Pascack Hills community is called “Calm”. Most students know this app due to its incredible use during meditation within the gym period. The app consists of sleep stories, music, meditation programs, and Calm Masterclasses every month. All you have to do when listening to the app is breath. This app has 4.8 stars and is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV Apps.


Melanie Meisner, Pascack Hills senior, says, “I really loved the Calm app we used in gym class because I realized that during the school day it would help all my stress from my classes tone down by a lot. I downloaded the app on my phone and now use it when I need to just calm down for a moment.”


Spiritual meditation may not lead everyone to a path of “serenity”. Many need a more factual based, proven reason to do something in order to help them. Headspace is just that app. Headspace is a 4.9 star rated app that focuses more on challenging one for ten minutes a day through science-based meditation techniques. This free app customizes a course for each user based on what their purpose is for having the app. It will teach one the fundamental techniques of mediation and mindfulness.


The app is less popular in the Pascack Hills community than Calm but three season athlete and honors student, Erin Buquicchio, swears by it. Buquicchio says, “As an athlete it’s hard to maintain a certain focus before a race. I find myself extremely stressed over my events and a moment to stay calm so I can run fast. Headspace is definitely one of those apps that I can rely on to help relieve the pressures of a meet. It’s takes only 10 minutes to relax and focus on what’s important at that time and there are levels to help with you individually.”