Girl’s Guide to Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo by Author

Photo by Author

Halloween has snuck up on many much faster than one may have thought. Although dressing up for Halloween or a Halloween party is something that many Pascack Hills students stress about starting in August, there are others who wait to the last day possible before finding the easiest, trendiest costume on short notice.


Simple yet cute, these costumes can all be created from a simple slip on dress of any color that tends to hide in one’s closet. If one finds they do not have one of these pieces, asking a friend or two will most likely do the trick. In order to show whether one is a princess, bride, bachelorette, or other, simply purchase a sash and either iron-on, stick on, or write on the letters of your choice. This sash is sold for $6.01 on amazon and can be shipped in two days by using amazon prime:


This is definitely one of the easiest costumes of the bunch. All one needs is a pair of matching colored top and bottoms, based off of animal choice, as well as face paint, animal ears and or mask. For example, if one wanted to be a cat, grab a black shirt and black everyday leggings for the outfit and using eyeliner or face paint draw a dot on the nose and whiskers on the face. For an extra touch, slip on a pair of cat ears that can be sold through amazon prime and be delivered in just two days or less.

These different animal ears are sold on amazon prime for $5.08 and come with three different types of animal ears so one can share the idea with friends:

Sports Player

Whether you spend most of your time on or off the field, on Halloween you can such and make it your own. Most people have, or have a friend who own, a baseball, basketball, or football jersey. There is much one can do with this costume to “up-do” it for Halloween. This is the simplest costume of all because all that is needed is the sport shirt of choice and eye-black. If being a baseball player, one can wear a shirt underneath the jersey and tie it up for a different effect then add eye-black to their face for a complete look. If looking to be a less traditional sports player, one can be something such as a ballerina. This is another simple costume that can be put together in an instant. All that is needed is black leggings, a black top, pink tutu, and to style your hair in a bun.

This is a link to cheap and fast-shipping tutu’s and eye-black in order to help one complete the costumes above:

$10.00 Tutu-

$3.71 Eye-black-

Cartoon character

Dressing up as your favorite cartoon character is easier than one may think. Most characters have their own signature look that consists of simple and plain colored t-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, etc. For example, Minnie mouse is a cartoon character known by almost everyone and is a simple go-to Halloween costume. This costume could consist of a basic black top, a red skirt or tutu, and mini-mouse headbands that can be purchased on amazon for a cheap price.

$9.95 Mini mouse headband-

$12.99 Red Tutu-