Love at New Teacher Orientation: The Buccos

Love at New Teacher Orientation: The Buccos

Simmie Brisman, School News Editor

Whether Valentine’s day is spent with a significant other, or your closest friends and family, the holiday is at the forefront of the minds of Pascack Hills students. However, the students aren’t the only ones who capture the spirit of this Hallmark holiday.

Back in September of 2008, Lauren and Dave met for the first time during new teacher orientation.

“We were dating for about one and a half years before we got engaged and then almost three years before we got married” said Mrs. Bucco.

Although most students at Hills are used to talking about “promposals”, Mr. Bucco made the real move- by proposing to Mrs. Bucco in the midst of prom planning.

Mrs. Bucco planned to meet at the junior prom location to work out some details with the managers. Unbeknownst, Mr. Bucco had called the manager at the prom location ahead of time and told him that did not want to have the meeting. What was his plan? To propose to Mrs. Bucco.

“I showed up with all of my prom paperwork to meet with this guy and instead, Mr. Bucco had “will you marry me?” spelled out in rose petals on the floor when I walked into the meeting,” Mrs Bucco said with a smile.

Right now the Buccos have two kids and one on the way. They are both “very excited,” said Mr. Bucco.

“I am excited not to be pregnant anymore,” Mrs. Bucco said jokingly. “He is a really good dad and the kids really love him.”

Mr. Bucco could not limit his favorite thing about Mrs.Bucco in one word.

“I love her so much and everything about her makes me happy,” says Mr. Bucco.

Although working with your significant other may be tough for some, the Buccos enjoy the time they spend together at work.

“It’s a pleasant surprise when I do get to see him here,” said Mrs. Bucco.

What does the couple do on Valentines Day? Although Mr. Bucco’s busy wrestling schedule makes it difficult to celebrate the holiday, they figure out a way to make up for it.

I try to make sure I arrange a date night at some point when it doesn’t interfere with wrestling season,” said Mr. Bucco.

From the first day at orientation to the day they will ultimately retire, Mr. and Mrs. Bucco will continue to be a strong testament to love in the Pascack Hills community.