Candy corn: It’s history and how to make it

Learn history and fun facts about Halloween’s most legendary candy!

Candy corn: It’s history and how to make it

Is candy corn a staple of your diet during the halloween season?  Love it or hate it, the tricolor candy has been around since the 1880s. George Renninger, a candymaker at the Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia, invented this revolutionary candy and the Goelitz Confectionery Company started the mass production of the candy in the 20th century. 


When candy corn was first created, it was originally called “Chicken Feed” because of its long shelf life, similar to chicken feed. It is also one of the healthier Halloween candies on the market!


In the videos linked below, you can see how candy companies make candy corn!

Now that your mouth is watering, you probably want to know how to make candy corn at home.  For this recipe, you only need a few simple ingredients! You can find the recipe here