The effects of Tik Tok skin care trends

Each technique has positive and negative aspects that can impact one’s skin.


Briana Keenan

Each skin care technique has positive and negative aspects that can impact one’s skin.

Tik Tok is a useful resource when trying to find lifestyle tips, especially skin care products. Recently, popular skin care techniques have been trending on the app, but do they have any benefits when used? Here are the positive and negative aspects of each method:

Skin icing 

Skin icing is a technique used to reduce swelling and puffiness in the skin by rubbing ice cubes on one’s face. However, this can cause a major temperature change, which may cause redness and stinging. The best way to ice the skin is gently and in moderation. 


The Tik Tok term, “slugging,” refers to the technique involving coating your face in Vaseline, which allows skin to moisturize overnight. Although it can be beneficial for those who have dry skin, this approach may cause more harm if done incorrectly because Vaseline can trap unwashed dirt, sweat, and/or makeup on your skin. This will cause further breakouts and clogged pores. 


Microneedling is used to prick the skin with tiny needles in order to smooth, firm, and tone the skin. Since it has been viral on Tik Tok, more beauty clinics have been offering this procedure. It has been considered relatively safe and effective, however there are some risks within this technique, such as an allergic reaction and irritation and rashes from the needles. The best way to practice this technique is to have a licensed professional perform this on your skin.

DIY face masks 

The “do it yourself” face exfoliating scrubs are made from basic household ingredients including lemon, honey, sugar, and coffee. These ingredients are not necessarily harmful, however the granules commonly used in these scrubs can have rough or even jagged edges. This can lead to roughness on the skin and possibly leave redness. A store-bought face mask may be more beneficial due to this.

Gua Sha massage 

The Gua Sha massage technique is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that is used to scrape people’s skin. A Gua Sha is a flat piece of jade that is used to “scrape” your face and create lymphatic drainage. This technique does a lot of good by decreasing redness in the skin, preventing wrinkles, preventing joint pain, and creating elasticity. 

Before trying these popular techniques, make sure the type of skin is known and complete research in order to prevent harm. If uncertainties arise, one should speak to a dermatologist or other skin professional to see what technique is best for them.