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How to stick with your New Year’s resolutions

They are called New Year resolutions for a reason. Here are some ways to get in the mindset of making your resolutions last the entire year!
How to stick with your New Years resolutions
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As the new year begins, many are filled with the desire to reinvent themselves through new goals and expectations. Others may have given up on the idea of setting goals as they find it difficult to stick to them and often abandon them before the end of January. However, wherever you may stand on the topic, we are here to help you get back into the rightful mindset of New Year’s resolutions and get out of the pressure-filled modern-day idea of resolutions. Here are five ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions!

Set realistic goals

Many people set unrealistic goals for themselves before the new year begins and then become so overwhelmed and disappointed with their progress that they often give up. However, if you set smaller, more realistic goals for yourself, it will be more likely that you stick with your resolution for longer in the year. For example, instead of making a resolution to go to the gym at 5 a.m. every morning, say you will make time for a calming walk at least once a week. It may seem too easy, but people stick with resolutions like this up until December.  

Be specific 

When making resolutions, people tend to generalize too much, stating they will “drink more water.” However, without a set amount, it is hard to keep track of your progress and lose sight of your goal. It is more beneficial to set a specific goal such as drinking at least three bottles of water every day. Specifications like these help you stay on track!

Share your resolutions 

Don’t keep your goals a secret! Share them with friends and family and update them throughout your journey. This reinforces your goals and establishes a make-shift support group that will help you stick to, and achieve them. 

Reward yourself 

Even if it is as small as starting a new show to allow yourself some downtime and stick to your resolution, it is important to recognize your progress. This helps keep a positive mindset and motivates you to keep working towards your resolution. 

Accept setbacks 

No one is perfect. If you fall off your plan for your progress for a week, it is alright. The important thing to remember is that setbacks don’t mean to stop! It is easy to lose motivation and give up after falling off for a bit; but, don’t give in! You do not have to follow your goal every second in order to succeed. Be nice to yourself and allow yourself to be human! 

So, as the clock strikes 12 and the confetti falls to the floor, we hope you keep our tips in mind and go into the new year with a positive mindset. Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions requires dedication, planning, and perseverance. By setting realistic goals, creating a plan, and staying positive, you can make the new year one of personal growth and accomplishment. Remember, progress is not linear, and mistakes are not the end of the line.

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Hills junior Rily Alexander is excited to be a part of the Trailblazer for another year. She joined the publication her freshman year as a staff writer and edited for the Arts & Entertainment section her sophomore year. This year, Alexander is looking forward to covering trending topics for the Life & Style section alongside Sammy Lazar. Fun fact: Alexander enjoys learning new skills and is currently learning American Sign Language.

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