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Embracing the blooms: 10 spring activities

Rejuvenate your spirit with these fun and relaxing spring activities!
Rily Alexander

As the weather warms up and spring makes its way, everyone is eagerly excited to go outside, after winter has made everyone stay inside and cozy up by the fire. However, people do not know where to start when the weather gets warmer. So, here are the top 10 activities to do in the springtime!

  1. Focus on your mental health 

The change of the season can really add a lot of change in our lives, which can increase anxiety and depression for many individuals. If you are experiencing a springtime relapse of the “winter blues,” try talking to a friend or a family member for assistance during these tough times. Sometimes, having a simple conversation with someone you love can help mental health and decrease depression. 

  1. Watch the sunrise 

As the sunrises happen earlier as spring progresses, it can be challenging to see the dawn every morning if you are not an early riser. However, try to catch a springtime sunrise at least once or twice. They are wonderful to watch and the earlier you wake up can leave you feeling pleasantly refreshed and wakeful for the day! 

  1. Plant a spring garden 

There is no need to wait until the summer to start planting and preparing for your amazing garden. You can begin it during the spring, especially if you plan to grow fruits, vegetables, or flowers. These fruits and vegetables include honeydew, cucumber, beets, broccoli, garlic, potatoes, onions, and raspberries. These are great options to grow during the springtime!  

  1. Go for a walk 

Since the weather is getting warmer, it may be a good idea to take a walk around your neighborhood or at the park. This is an easy and hassle-free activity to do, yet it is such an excellent way to enjoy the season and get your body moving. It may be best to also bring a friend or pet for some extra company.  

  1. Spring art 

There is absolutely no doubt that spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. With the flowers, clear skies, and greenery everywhere, it is extremely picturesque. As a result of the beautiful nature of this season, creating art can be a delightful spring activity for everyone. 

It is very simple to do: just take pictures, sketch, paint, or use your preferred artistic medium to portray the beauty of spring. This activity can be done alone or with friends!   

  1. Go to the beach 

Even though the weather might still be a little chilly for a beach trip, a day spent in the salt air with even just your toes in the water can do wonders for your mental health. Take a day to spend with some friends or family, drive to the shore, and let yourself breathe freely. It also helps you feel very refreshed after a long day of work or school with projects, reports, and tests.

  1. Get some ice cream

Getting ice cream on nice days with family and friends while doing the things you love can relax the mind and distract you from any upcoming events that may be causing stress. Try new flavors, toppings, or even ice cream shops. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun! 

  1. Have a picnic 

During pleasant weather, people naturally gravitate towards the idea of a picnic, a delightful way to relish the surroundings while enjoying a meal. Plan a day to spend with family or friends in the park. Prepare the meal of your choosing and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery of the spring months. 

  1. Spring Cleaning

While it may not seem like the most amazing and fun activity to do during your free time, it makes any other activity 10 times more stress-free. Having a clean space to spend your time means having a clear head space to spend time. Take 30 minutes out of your day to simply straighten up an area and cross one more thing off of your list!  

  1. Read a book

The act of reading in spring creates a serene harmony between literature and nature, offering a tranquil escape into the vibrant narratives that mirror the season’s energy. So, grab a book, savor the fragrant air, and let the pages transport you into the enchanting realm where spring unfolds in both words and blossoms.


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