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10 things to do over the summer

As the school year comes to an end, your free time is no longer occupied with studying and assignments. So, here are 10 activities that can make your summer more productive and fun!
Miranda Maglio

As the school year comes to an end, your free time is no longer occupied with studying and assignments. It may be difficult to figure out how to use that time productively. So, here are 10 activities that can make your summer more productive and fun!

Change up your look  

Summer is a great time to discover yourself! It is the ideal time to try a new hair color or even update your closet with some new clothes. There is plenty of time to do this before the new school year starts! There are tons of stores to shop from including Hollister, Gap, Free People, Old Navy, Forever 21, American Eagle, and Aerie. 

Host a bake-off 

While summer may be a time of desired warmth and time spent outside, in reality, even those three months include some rainy days. When the weather is not in your favor, hosting a bake-off with family and friends is a perfect way to pass the time! You can turn it into a friendly competition by being allowed to use the ingredients you have on hand or allow everyone to go to the grocery store for a quick run. Whether you win or lose, you will still get a delicious treat of it regardless. 

 Participate in pre-college programs 

It might be a good idea to participate in pre-college programs at the schools you are interested in going to. Many colleges across the country offer summer programs to high school students. This can be beneficial for students because you may earn college credits that you can apply to your degree later on. It also can help a student get a feel for college life and living in the dorms.   

Visit the city

The city holds many opportunities for entertaining activities and experiences. Planning a city trip during your summer vacation can hold more than simply a drive through the concrete jungle!  You could go to an arts and crafts store where they have pottery classes or a walk in Central Park. After that, you can go and get ice cream with your friends and family to enjoy during the hot weather. This can include cruising around the harbor, going to museums, whale watching, and bowling to beat the heat! 

Be a camp counselor 

Being a camp counselor is a great way to be productive during the summertime! If you loved going to camp and miss your time there, why not be a counselor? It is a great way to show off leadership skills and keep doing what you love! It is also good practice to work with kids and take on responsibility. This also acts as a great leadership position to put down for the National Honors Society later on in your high school career!  

Go to the beach

Going to the beach and taking a dip in the cold water on a hot summer day is an amazing way to fully immerse yourself in the summer experience. You could bring a friend or family member along with you to make the experience even more fun. Packing a picnic or bringing a new book to read are great pastimes to make the most of your summer afternoon. 

Write down and accomplish personal goals 

Summer is a great time to think about what goals you would like to accomplish. Write a list of goals you would like to achieve in either a notebook or journal. Then after writing those goals down, try to meet or exceed them during the summer. They can be anything you want – it can be just as simple as reading a book every day to exercising more. This is a great thing to do while school is not in session! 

Brainstorm your college essay 

If you’re a rising senior, developing ideas for your college essay will definitely help you for the busy application season when school is back in session. Jot down a few ideas on a piece of paper or a blank Google document! Some great ideas can include: learning from obstacles, personal growth, what captivates you, or even a topic of your choosing!  

Practice mindfulness or meditation 

Life as a high schooler can be very stressful at times, so having techniques to manage stress when life gets too hectic is very important. Summer is a great time to practice mindfulness or meditation, as you will have lots of free time without any homework or assignments to do. Especially if you’re a rising senior who will eventually enter college application season, practicing these techniques will help you in the long run! 

Have a bonfire 

As the warmer nights begin, it can be a great time to start a bonfire! You can gather around the bonfire with family or friends and roast some marshmallows. Maybe even make some s’mores to turn this into a sweet treat moment! They are easy to make and you only need three ingredients: chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. 

Bonfires are great times to talk and laugh as the flames and the company make it an excellent time! You might even want to tell some scary stories or just enjoy the moment. Either way, this activity is a great way to make some memories. 


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