Scheduling English For Next Year

Picking out classes for next year can seem stressful; with so many courses and electives available to choose, which ones should you pick?

Next year, as the schedule for the school year changes, the courses available for students will change as well. Some electives like Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Technology; Mass Media, Literature and Society; and Sports and Literature, which were half-year courses in years past, are not being offered next year.

However, Literature of the Holocaust, which was a half-year course, will now be offered as a full-year course. Literature of the Holocaust, taught by Ms. Lutz, focuses on exposing students to the events of the Holocaust through reading, drama, and poetry. Literature of the Holocaust is offered only for upcoming juniors and seniors.

For upcoming juniors, the English courses that are being offered are American Studies, Language, Myth, and Culture, AP Language and Composition, and AP Language and Literature. For upcoming seniors, Language, Myth, and Culture, AP Language and Composition, and AP Language and Literature are being offered for the new school year.

American Studies is a course that combines the 11th grade US History II with junior level English. This class counts as credits for both History and English. As a whole, this class links the relationship between historical events and literary trends in America. Language, Myth, and Culture is a course that analyzes myths, motifs, and symbolism from different cultural traditions and background in order to understand modern human culture.

AP Language and Composition may be accepted for college credit, and it challenges students to be independent thinkers by reading complex prose, analyzing texts, and writing essays.

AP Language and Literature may also be accepted for college credit, and students in this class will analyze and interpret literature through studies and the reading of select texts.

Happy Scheduling!